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Build momentum by implementing the easy-to-understand ARTIST CENTRIC framework for creating music you love that is highly syncable....

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Syncs start rolling in...

royalty checks bring consistent income....

and fans find you on their favorite visual mediums. 


Being an artist and / or songwriter is hard. 

Not only does the craft take years to develop - but even the best of the best can find themselves struggling to find ways to make money with their passion. 

The Artist's Guide to Music Licensing is here to STOP the cycle of...

  • recording an album and spending way more money than you have
  • spending MORE of that money you don't have for some weird promo package that does nothing  
  • filming a music video with friends and the budget you STILL don't have
  • releasing the album and receiving streams in the hundreds (and maybe a download or two from your mom and her friends)
  • Realizing you invested SO much time and money and even though you love the final product, you still only made pennies from streaming and a couple bucks from march sales
  • Getting sad - and waiting about 2-3 years to repeat the process 
  • trying to find another way and chasing down random music licensing videos that are confusing and don't give actionable or realistic steps

Even for the best of us, the ones with big fan bases who can actually make money from an album release...

They STILL just become slaves to the road. 

Touring whenever they need money. 

At the cost of friends and family and a balanced life. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

We are living in a time where more movies and TV shows are being created than ever before. 

And a time where more businesses are creating commercials than ever before.

And they need music.

Music that is ready to back up the stories they are trying to tell (or sell). 

The Artist's Guide to Music Licensing Course is your ticket to getting your music placed on TV + Film + Ads. 

What's included in the course?

An easy-to-understand ARTIST CENTRIC framework to creating music you love that is highly syncable. And a CLEAR PATH on how to get that music into the right hands.

  • discover the mindsets that I see holding artists back from success in music licensing 
  • make sure you have a foundation that will help you "stay in game" long enough to see your hard work start paying off


  • Learn things that will make your lyrics jump out to supervisors (in a good way) 
  • Learn the "mistakes" that will immediately ruin your song's chances of being used in TV + Film + Ads
  • I walk you through my lyric writing process from start to finish 
  • I use Case Studies from past students and I show the changes I had them make to the songs they submitted
  • what are the top genres being used in music licensing (based off hundreds of briefs I've seen)
  • Learn how to follow a brief / song references and give supervisors what they want, while still producing a song that sounds like "you" 
  • Learn the production tactics that will make your songs more attractive to supervisors 
  • Learn what production approaches will ruin your chances of getting used 
  • Dive deep into production methods like the Droning Effect by watching how I integrate them it into my songs  
  • Get the step by step guidance of  signing up for a Performance Rights Organization 
  • Learn about the two sides of every sync fee (most artists don't know how this works) 
  • Rest easy knowing you are ready to approach supervisors and won't blow it by not having the right permissions or meta data for you music
  • Find your path to supervisors 
  • Get an email template for reaching out to supervisors 
  • Dive deep into all the 'Pitch Paths' so you know which one is best for you 
  • I tell you what I would do after watching this course if I started from scratch 

($444 value included for free)


BONUS #1: Submit Your Questions for an Exclusive Course Members only Q+A Video ($59 value)

BONUS #2:  Watch the 7 Part Video Series that follows my entire process in real time from receiving a brief to finishing the song and everything in between. 

I'm given one week by my licensing company to complete this song, and you get to follow along the whole time. 

You get to watch the ENTIRE process and I explain each step as I go. ($149 Value) 

BONUS #3: An exclusive in-depth interview with the supervisor who placed my song in a CHASE Bank Ad ($49 value) 

BONUS #4: An exclusive interview with the founder of Sorted Noise (the company that represents my music for sync) about how to approach boutique licensing companies as an artist and how to go solo to supervisors ($49 Value)

BONUS #5: exclusive interview with the founder of THAT PITCH - the company that gives you access to briefs and sync opportunities for only $15 a month while you maintain all ownership of your music ($49 value)

(NEW) BONUS #6: Access to 36 real briefs that came in this year to help you better understand how supervisors think AND show you what is working now - $89 value 

"It felt like there was too much confusing information out there on Music Licensing and I just needed an expert to tell me the answers. I trust Andrew's experience in this area, hands down, so there was no question about signing up for this course. Now I feel empowered with a perspective that has helped inform the trajectory of my career."

Emily Ann Peterson
Singer / Songwriter and Author



"After this course... I feel more motivated, more inspired and more creative than I've ever been"

- Drew Hemni (Singer/Songwriter & Producer)



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($697 Value)

INSTANT Access to Full Course (15+ Hours of In-Depth Video Content)

2 Song Reviews: You send me two of your songs and I will personally review the lyrics and production and email you my analysis  of how to make it more likely to be synced

BONUS #1: Exclusive Course Members only Q+A Video

BONUS #2: 7 Part Video Series showing process from Brief to "Pitch Ready"

BONUS #3: Study 36 real briefs so you can become familiar with the "language" of supervisors

Plus all bonus exclusive interviews listed above + 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee





($897 Value)

INSTANT Access to Full Course (15+ Hours of In-Depth Video Content)

2 Song Reviews: You send me two of your songs and I will personally review the lyrics and production and email you my analysis of how to make it more likely to be synced

BONUS #1: Exclusive Course Members only Q+A Video

BONUS #2: 7 Part Video Series showing process from Brief to "Pitch Ready"

BONUS #3:Study 36 real briefs so you can become familiar with the "language" of supervisors

Plus all bonus exclusive interviews listed above + 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


"I wanted to have a second opinion on how syncable my songs were and if there was anything I could improve. Andrew showed me the mistakes I was making and provided a solution. He took time to find an answer to every submitted question. I now have a better understanding of how to write songs for sync and I'm really thankful to Andrew for that."

Singer / Songwriter and Producer

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is primarily for Artists and Singer / Songwriters (at all levels).

Because they can fully take advantage of the benefits of getting a song synced and the creation tactics we talk about.

Most music licensing courses online do NOT focus primarily on artists but instead on creating instrumental music and "jingles". 

However, it is also for songwriters and producers who want to learn how to create syncable songs so that they can work with other artists and / or vocalists to create a catalog based on those collaborations. 

They can then be the sync expert in the room for co-writes or collabs. 

If that is confusing at all: simply email [email protected] and I'll personally help you to be clear on whether this is the right fit for you.

As artists and songwriters -- it is important that we have multiple revenue streams. It's just the way we have to approach music if we want to make a living with it.

Music Licensing is one of the few spaces that has only gotten better with technology (instead of harder - for example: selling records is all but a thing of the past). 

Music Licensing has allowed me to be an artist without needing touring to support myself and allowed me to spend my time creating what I want instead of what I need to create. 

It's literally changed my life and become my primary source of income. 

So I don't know why you wouldn't want to add music licensing to your music "tool box". 

I know what's it's like to be month-to-month and not having extra cash around to invest in your future. 

And even though my price point is about $400-$800 lower than other courses in this space - I know sometimes the extra money just isn't there. 

That's why our Nashville For Hire PRO Membership now includes the entire Artist's Guide to Music Licensing Course. 

For only $19 a month.

< The $19-a-month membership that will help you create more music for less >

This membership gives you access to discount PRO only rates for professional remote session work and music services.

Learn more.


Most music licensing courses online do NOT focus primarily on artists / songwriters but instead on creating instrumental music and "jingles" (called Production Music).

This course is unique in that it is about creating music you love. 

Music you want to release. 


Music that is highly syncable. 

All in one. 

So these are FULL SONGS we are creating. Not little jingles. 

Not at all.

A big portion of the course is on the writing process and what to do after the song is completed. 

And the production tactics we do talk about are things you can still take note of and learn from so you can explain it to whoever you hire or collab with when you do get your songs recorded and produced. 

P.S. And if you are interested in learning how to record yourself, I have a couple bonuses in the production module that will help get you started :)

This course if 15+ hours of in-depth video teaching and real world examples (and the bonuses). 

But don't let that stress you out.

It is broken into "bitesized" pieces to make sure you can take it at whatever pace you need (or want) to.  

Your lifetime. 

Only because I don't think you'll need it much after that. 

And all future updates are yours for free.

And there will be future updates because as I keep expanding my own catalogue, I'll keep handing back the new things I'm learning. 

You bet you can. 

I offer a 30 Day FULL Refund if you are (for any reason) not happy with the course. 

The course is meant to help you. If you don't feel it does then the money is back in your pocket. 

One small sync would more than cover your investment.

My smallest major network sync was $500 (it is very rare for them to be that low on major networks)

but many are much higher (for example: my Grey's Anatomy spot was $16,000).

So your investment could easily be made back with one sync and then some (lots of some, in fact). 

Yes I do. 

But I only offer my coaching bundle when my schedule allows. 


When coaching is available (you'll see in pricing options if it is available now), you get:

  • 2 One-on-One Coaching Calls. 
  • A personalized plan for your success in music licensing. 
  • And a handpicked "mock" brief created from trends I've noticed from my access to over 300 briefs in the last couple years. 

That brief and my coaching will help you get a super syncable song to kick off (or add to) your catalog.

3 months from now...

Will you have joined this course and be...

  • using your new skillset of creating highly syncable songs to build out an amazing catalog that you LOVE and can't wait to share with your fans
  • well on your way down a fully understood "pitch path" to supervisors and starting to gain momentum 
  • seeing more and more opportunities coming your way and starting to see how this new skillset could change everything for you

Or will you let this opportunity pass you by and be...

  • doing exactly what you're doing and still hoping for a change 
  • waiting for label to "save you" and make you the one-in-a-million that actually has success with that model 
  • living on the road because it's the only way you can pay your bills 
  • working that job you told yourself you'd be out of by now
  • still wondering how anyone can actually make a good living with music 


Nothing changes until we make a change. 

I'm so thankful that years ago I made a change and committed to exploring what music licensing could be for me. 

All I'm doing is offering that same opportunity to you (risk free with the 60 day refund available to you). 


To your future - 



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