Why the Waiting List?

In order to make sure our team (the musician team that handles all orders from our Pro Members) gets consistent work while working at discounted rates, we only bring on new musicians as the demand grows (aka as we get new subscribers to the membership). 

And if our membership is constantly available, it means we end up scrambling to make sure we have enough musicians to cover demand that is changing randomly. This would create a bad user experience for our members and could overload the system.

To solve this problem, we only open our membership about once a quarter so we can see how many new members are added and then add on to our Pro Musician Team as needed.

Join the Waiting List

The Pro Membership opens for enrollment once every quarter (on average). Be the first to know when that happens next!

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Will I get charged if I join?

Nope. Joining the waiting list simply means you'll hear first when the membership opens again. No credit card required, just your email!