What does it mean to hire musicians ethically?

Let's stop the "race to the bottom" together.



In the age of the "gig economy", musicians are selling their services for less and less... while doing more and more work per order.

As aspiring musicians come on the scene, many times they will drastically undersell themselves to compete with the more experienced players. 

That's not new.

But what is new is the fact that amateurs and professionals are competing for work on the same platforms and therefore, the seasoned pros find themselves needing to lower their own rates to compete. 

And the "race to the bottom" commences. 


But it's not all bad. 


Many music creatives can't afford to hire the quality of music professional that their music deserves and so these new low rates can allow them to create more than ever before. 

But the cheap music services comes at a cost of a constant rat race to lower and lower prices and ultimately an unsustainable industry for musicians. 


So how can we have affordable music services without bringing down the value of music professionals? 



The Win - Win - Win Initiative.


The W3 Initiative is our attempt to:

  • help you get affordable access to the high quality music professionals that your music deserves 
  • stop the "race to the bottom" for music professionals and help them make a living from their music 
  • create a sustainable business model that brings in enough profit to survive and thrive, while not baking incentives into the business that will ultimately hurt the livelihood of our musicians or give you a product that eventually becomes lower quality due to a bad incentive structures



1. A win for you. 

In our Pro Membership, you get high quality professional music services at affordable rates.

In the Nashville Marketplace, you save time because our roster is hyper-curated so you don't have to spend your valuable time searching through options you would have never really considered hiring. 

We do not charge our musicians to be on our roster (we only keep 5% commission from sales that are made on the site which is some of the lowest in the industry), which means we are not incentivized to find as many musicians as possible to be on our roster to boost our revenue. 

So our roster is only the best and everyone is there for a reason. This gives you a better browsing and hiring experience.  


2. A win for our musicians.

In the Pro Membership, even though they are being hired at rates that are a fraction of their normal fee, we make sure that they still (on average) make around $40 an hour.

We can make this happen because all of the rates you pay for services go directly to them. We (NFH as a business) only keep the subscription fee. 

Beyond that,

we manage all Pro orders for them,

handle all communications with clients (that's you!),

create charts

and manage all files.

This means that all our musicians have to do is sit down at their instrument and do what they do best: help bring your song to life. 

AND we have a hyper curated PRO team of musicians that only grows as the volume of orders grow. So while they may be working for lower rates than they usually do, they get more orders more often. And consistency is huge in the freelance space. 

In the Nashville Marketplace, we put a "cap" on how low our musicians can sell their services for. This helps keep the average cost of services fair and sustainable for our musicians. 


3. What about that 3rd win?

That "win" is a win for our business model. The Pro Membership subscriptions allow us to make consistent revenue and therefore provide a service like this that creates a win for you and our musicians. 

In the Nashville Marketplace, we keep 5% from all orders to help make the business model sustainable but still fair to our musicians.